It is unlawful for any person to solicit, peddle, or otherwise engage in transient sales of goods, wares, merchandise, products, personal property or services at public auction or by hawking or peddling the same within the Town limits unless such person shall be first procured a transient sales permit.

Any person transacting any business or selling activity defined in this Section shall first obtain from the Town Clerk a permit before engaging in any such selling or soliciting activities. This permit shall be referred to as a "Transient Sales Permit". Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Each sales representative of the permitted business must have a copy of the permit on his person and a valid state or military issued identification.


  • Religious, local government, educational, and charitable nonprofit organizations 
  • Town Resident yard and garage sales of less than two days in duration and less than seven days in any particular year 
  • Vendors, merchants, exhibitors, and salespersons who exhibit, demonstrate or solicit orders for goods, wares, or merchandise in conjunction with a local government or public school sponsored event 
  • Any art or crafts fair, show, exhibition of arts, crafts, or similar handiwork, or Town wide celebrations, observances, or special events such as an annual sidewalk or parking lot sale with limited requirements for approval of exemption 
  • Any person who exhibits a privately owned vehicle for sale on private property or who temporarily parks a privately owned vehicle on which a "for sale" sign is displayed 
  • Wholesale and distributor representatives servicing existing businesses in the Town or such representatives soliciting new business with existing businesses in the Town 
  • Vending machines, coin-operated amusement machines, signs and billboards
  • Private sales made by telephone or mail appointment where the solicitor is invited to a private residence.

Requirements / process steps

  • Completed Application 
  • Copy of a valid Colorado sales tax license 
  • Applicant's name, date of birth, driver's license or state or military identification number, home and business address and telephone numbers. 
  • Description and license numbers of vehicles used for the transient sales activity.
  •  Name, date of birth, driver's license number and home address of each other sales representative operating under this permit. 
  • Name of business firm represented and parent company, if any, and a brief description of the nature of the business and goods being sold. 
  • Location(s) and / or method the applicant intends to use to conduct business (such as selling out of home or building, selling out of car / truck, concession stand or booth, or door-to-door sales, etc.)
  • Length of time the applicant intends to be doing business under this permit. 
  • The Police Department may conduct a wants or warrants check.
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