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Town of Limon Building Department Documents

IF the frame below the tabs is BLANK, PLEASE CLICK HERE for a linked list of these .PDF files.

Permit Application

Permit Fees

Plans Submittal Requirements

Building Code

Building Standards

Minimum Development Requirements

Permit for Fence, Hedge or Wall

Guide for Pole Barn Construction

Guide for Single Family Re-Roofing

Guide for Single Family Addition

Guide for Single Family Basement Finish

Guide for Single Family Enclosing Existing Patio Covers

Guide for Single Family One Story Detached Garages

Guide for Single Family Patio Covers and Carports

Guide for Single Family Uncovered Decks and Porches

 This is a listing of all of the Building Department files currently available.

Please click the link to read the document in a .PDF viewer, or right click and "save as" to save a copy of this document on your computer.

Filename Size
An Adobe Acrobat file building_guide_pole_barn_construction 919.06 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_guide_single_family_residential_addition 667.29 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_guide_single_family_residential_basement_finish 701.26 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_guide_single_family_residential_enclosing_existing_patio_covers 402.92 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_guide_single_family_residential_one_story_detached_garage 628.32 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_guide_single_family_residential_patio_covers_and_carports 514.49 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_guide_single_family_residential_reroofing 175.02 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_guide_single_family_residential_uncovered_decks_and_porches 321.4 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_permit_fees 221.63 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_permit_form_and_insurance_disclosure_2014_fillin 121.79 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file building_plans_submittal 9.58 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file development_standard_minimums_08_06 19.95 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file town_of_limon_basic_construction_requirements 61.58 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file town_of_limon_building_codes 81.81 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file zoning_permit_for_fences_hedges_walls_fillin 43.1 KB
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