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The Outlook for Limon is Bright!

Your Future in Limon can be just as Bright!

Limon offers a strong economic and community history. It recognizes its strengths and works towards addressing its strengths through planning and investment.

It is called Hub City due to its location on the transportation system that has always been key to its economic success and a regional hub.

Your interest in Limon is welcomed by the community. Limon invites you to take a look at the community and its opportunities. This prospectus provides an overview and links you to more depth of information.

Welcome to the Hub City of the Plains!
A Growing Rural Community with Opportunity.




  • Hub City lies at the intersection of five state and federal highways: Interstate 70, U.S. 40/287, U.S. 24, CO 71 and CO 86
  • Limon sits 75 miles, respectively, from the eastern edge of Denver and Colorado Springs. Located in Lincoln County (2,586 square miles), Limon (1.9 square miles) also serves the eastern portion of Elbert County with its Fire District, Ambulance Service, School District and recreation programs
  • Within eight (8) hours you can travel within any location in Colorado and portions of Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico



  • Limon has the water rights to more than double in size.
  • Wastewater adequate for future growth
  • Broadband services are offered by multiple providers using several technologies and the Town has the legal ability to partner with private companies to provide broadband services
  • Transportation
    • National highway hub
    • Rail service by Union Pacific and Kyle
    • Air Service by Limon Municipal Airport and within 75 miles of both Denver International Airport and Colorado Springs Airport



  • Current Population
    Town of Limon         1,942
    Lincoln County         5,526
  • Between 2013 and 2018, the County’s population increased by 2.5%
  • Since 2000, the Primary Market Area (PMA) has added an average of two households per year
  • The PMA added 93 jobs annually from 2013 to 2017
  • This suggests that the growth could be understated. One challenge is that many employees in the new jobs live outside the PMA due to the limited supply of quality homes in the PMA



  • From 2016 to 2017, employment in Limon, CO grew at a rate of 8.94%, from 537 employees to 585 employees
  • The labor participation rate increased from 47.5% to 56.6% between 2013 and 2018
  • The unemployment rate in Lincoln County lowered from 3.7% to 2.1% between 2008 and 2017



  • Education
    • Higher Education
    • K-12
    • Limon Child Development Center
  • Health Care
    • Limon Family Practice
    • Peak Vista Community Health Center
    • Limon Ambulance Service
  • Limon Memorial Library
  • Limon Area Fire Protection District
  • Recreation Facilities
    • Tamarack Golf Course, Swimming Pool, Softball Complex, Smith Baseball Field, Kissel Fishing Pond, City Park and Heritage Museum and Railroad Park



  • Private Sector Economy = Retail … Agriculture … Energy … Distribution
  • Limon is an established regional retail center with no other full-service town for more than 70 miles.
  • Most rapid growth in Personal Income was experienced from 2013 to 2016, at an average increase of 4.6 points annually.
  • 48.5% of the workforce in Lincoln County reside within the county, while the remaining 51.5% of Primary Market Area (PMA) workers live in other surrounding counties of eastern Colorado, predominantly the counties of El Paso, Elbert, Pueblo and Arapahoe.



  • Small-town lifestyle, positive and helpful community
  • Center of events and celebrations
  • Business friendly (land, buildings, infrastructure, incentives)
  • Regional rural center; Limon is the only full-service town within 70 miles
  • Affordable property/cost of living/moderate taxes
  • Transportation infrastructure and location
  • Short drive to Front Range/Denver and Colorado Springs
  • Health care in town



Every Community with vision recognizes and addresses its challenges and Limon is aware of:

  • The Impacts of a Service Economy
  • The difficulty in recruiting and keeping a labor force
  • The need for keeping and drawing the younger population
  • The importance of a diverse housing stock to attract a population growth that matches job growth.



  • Expand Limon’s Role as a Regional Center
    • Limon is an established regional center with no other full-service town within 70 miles.
  • Attract New Primary Industries to Limon
    • Primary industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and energy sell goods and services outside of local boundaries, injecting money into the local economy ensuring that non-primary economic activity like retail can occur.
  • Promote Community Assets
    • To successfully attract a new business or industry to Limon, there needs to be more than just a market for the business, there also needs to be a high quality of life that entices a business’s owner and employees to want to live in the town.
  • Increase the Supply of Quality Housing Options
    • A diverse housing market with quality properties for sale and units for rent is a necessity for any business who wants to open a new location, retain existing employees and recruit new ones.



  • Enhanced Rural Enterprise Zone
    • Limon and Lincoln County are located in an Enhanced Rural Enterprise Zone with state tax incentives available for capital investment, job training, new employees, employer sponsored health insurance, research and development, vacant commercial building rehabilitation, commercial vehicle investment and contribution projects
  • Foreign Trade Zone
    • The entire Limon Opportunity Zone is located within Foreign Trade Zone No. 293. If you are importing goods from outside the United States, and FTZs allow users to defer, reduce, or eliminate CBP duties
  • Local Incentives
    • Both the Town of Limon and Lincoln County offer rebates of property tax and sales tax paid on equipment used onsite



Wausau Supply
  • Joe Jordan, Chairman of the Board for Wausau Supply Company, said this employee owned company indicated that Limon was “the company’s choice because it was outside the congested Front Range and provided the ability to serve Colorado, as well as portions of New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming within trucking hours of service regulations.”
  • From Limon Wausau Supply Company can serve Colorado, as well as portions of New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming, within trucking hours of service regulations
CVI Funeral Supply, formerly Doric Concrete Vaults
  • CVI has operated in Limon successfully since 2003 distributing across Colorado and portions of New Mexico, Wyoming and Nebraska.



  • As of July 2019, Colorado has 2,398 turbines with a total rated capacity of 3,919 MW operating. 
  • Limon currently boasts six wind farms around the community with 807 or more than 33.5% of Colorado’s installed turbines for a total capacity of 1,450.8 MW or 37% of Colorado’s capacity.
  • Wind Service and Technicians is a growing part of Limon’s economy.



  • Limon Workforce Housing
    The Limon Workforce Housing project was created through Housing Colorado's Design Charrettes Program. The Design Charrettes Program provides an opportunity for non-profit housing developers and Housing Authorities to benefit from pro-bono pre-development services for an affordable housing project.
  • 62 Units
    1 Bed - 28 Units
    2 Bed - 28 Units
    3 Bed - 6 Units
  • Proforma Available
  • Able to be Phased
  • Preliminary Development Plan Complete
    Site Plan
    Amenity Concepts
    Floor Plans