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FAQs for Broadband

The Questions (Click on question to go directly to Answers)

1. Ballot language for Issue C
2. What is broadband?strong>;
3. Why is broadband important to me and my family?
4. Why is business broadband important to Limon?
5. What this ballot item is?
6. What this ballot item is not?
7. Why did the Limon Board of Trustees refer this issue to the ballot?
8. Tell me more about Colorado Senate Bill 152?
9. How would an exemption from SB-152 benefit Limon?
10. Would this make our Internet service faster?
11. Are other Colorado entities exempt from SB-152?
12. When is Election Day?

The Answers

1. Ballot language for Issue C:

Without increasing taxes, shall the Town of Limon, Colorado, re-establish the authority to provide all services, restricted since 2005 by Title 29, Article 27 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, described as "advanced services" (high-speed internet), "telecommunications services" and "cable services", including any new or improved high bandwidth services based on existing or future technologies, telecommunications services and cable television services to residents, businesses, schools, libraries, non-profit entities, governmental entities, and other users of such services, either directly or indirectly, to any and all service areas, with public or private sector partners?

[ ] YES
[ ] NO

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2. What is broadband?

The term broadband commonly refers to high-speed internet access that is always on and faster than traditional access.

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3. Why is broadband important to me and my family?

The use of internet is an increasing part of the daily lives. Broadband is moving from being a new technology to the status of a utility like water, sewer, electricity and natural gas. Families and individuals use broadband services for education, culture, entertainment and healthcare.

Broadband allows education to provide students of all ages a stronger link to their own teachers and school resources as well as access to online classes and research materials not available in schools or libraries.

The ability to connect across the world by voice over internet protocol, video conferencing, webinars, Facetime, Skype and streaming video is the norm for home and businesses.

The personal and family uses continue to expand: online reviews, ordering, reservations for travel, restaurants, food and other goods, home security and controls, gaming

Health care is increasingly dependent upon broadband services that serve not only medical facilities but are moving more and more into daily lives. Broadband can facilitate provision of medical care through remote diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and consultations with specialists. Broadband must connect the providers with specialists and with patients.

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4. Why is business broadband important to Limon?

Business broadband is critical to existing businesses and to the attracting new jobs to the community. Business requires adequate and reliable broadband in order to succeed. Healthcare, banking, manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses are dependent on broadband to move data. Inventory, financial data, payments, ordering, taking orders are all part of the broadband needs today.

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5. What this ballot item is?

Passage of this Issue would allow Limon to explore a variety of options to make assets available or to foster partnerships to serve the broadband needs of residents, students and businesses. If voters approve this ballot item, Limon would be exempted from a state law that otherwise limits the town’s ability to improve the community’s broadband capabilities. An exemption supports local choice and options, allowing Limon to make the best decisions based on the needs of our own individual community.

With this exemption, the town would be permitted to 1) establish business partnerships with private companies to increase the community’s access to high-speed broadband Internet, 2) opt to provide this service itself, or 3) develop a combined strategy to benefit town residents and business users.

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6. What this ballot item is not?

This is NOT a tax increase. Passage of this question would not prevent any private business, including existing broadband providers, from initiating, expanding or continuing to provide these services. Limon has no plans to create a public broadband utility. Passage of this measure would allow the town to explore a variety of options to make its assets available to serve the broadband needs of Limon residents, students and businesses.

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7. Why did the Limon Board of Trustees refer this issue to the ballot?

Following community input during its Comprehensive Planning process, the results of the both business and residential surveys and broadband consumer complaints, the Board of Trustees felt that Limon needed to join other municipalities and counties around the state of Colorado whose citizens voted to opt out of the limitations, created by Senate Bill 05-152, on the Town’s ability to explore a variety of options to make assets available or to foster partnerships to serve the broadband needs of residents, students and businesses.

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8. Tell me more about Colorado Senate Bill 152?

Colorado Senate Bill 05-152 (SB-152) is a measure passed by the Colorado legislature in 2005. Its intent was to limit government from competing with the private sector. Among other provisions, it requires local government to secure voter approval before entering into the broadband services in any way. Without such approval, the law limits the ability of Colorado towns to provide a wide spectrum of services including:

• Free internet services in libraries, parks, and community centers (while these services are provided by most governments, they are none the less prohibited by the law and could be challenged by existing internet access providers).
• Leveraging government infrastructure and partnering with private business to provide affordable and high-speed internet service throughout the entire community and
• Direct provision of broadband services by municipal government.

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9. How would an exemption from SB-152 benefit Limon?

A voter-approved exemption from SB-152 would restore the telecommunications and cable autonomy that all Colorado cities had prior to 2005.

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10. Would this make our Internet service faster?

That is not guaranteed in this exemption. It does, however, provide the opportunity for the Town of Limon to explore a variety of options to make its assets available to serve the broadband needs of Limon residents, students and businesses through faster internet services.

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11. Are other Colorado entities exempt from SB-152?

This is becoming a common action as in the past few years as 68 municipalities and 28 counties have approved similar local elections. In eastern Colorado this includes Fort Morgan, Akron, Yuma and Wray as well as the counties of Washington and Yuma.

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12. When is Election Day?

Municipal Election on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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* This information from the Town of Limon answers frequent questions about this ballot item. It is not intended to urge a vote for or against this issue.

SENATE BILL 03-139 (§ 1-7-908, C.R.S.) NOTICE


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Board of Trustees of the above referenced political subdivision (the “Political Subdivision”) of the information required under Section 1-7-908, Colorado Revised Statutes.


General Fund Information




Ending Balance


















2018 (projected)






Short Term Debt Information



Amount Incurred During Fiscal Year










2018 (projected)



Emergency Reserve

The Political Subdivision’s emergency reserve required by Section 20(5) of Article X of the Colorado Constitution is held in the Political Subdivision’s General Fund.

The Political Subdivision’s emergency reserve fund has been fully funded by cash or investments for the current fiscal year and each of the last four fiscal years.

Financial Information Review

The Political Subdivision’s audited financial statements for the last four fiscal years, any management letters that have been made public and have been provided to the Political Subdivision by its auditors in connection with the preparation of its audits for the last four fiscal years, and the Political Subdivision’s budget for the current fiscal year may be reviewed by any person at the following location or locations:

Completed Audits are available at:

Completed Budgets are available at:


† Short term debt means cash-flow debt or other financial obligation that has a term of not more than one year.



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What Qualifications Do You Need to Vote in April?

Several citizens have expressed concerns and questions regarding who is eligible to vote in this upcoming April election.  Since the election is a Municipal Election it is strictly limited to those registered electors with their permanent address in Limon town limits.  April’s election is no different than past Municipal Elections regarding who can or cannot vote and is governed by the same guidelines for all other jurisdictions within the state of Colorado.  Here are the qualifications a person needs to be able to meet to vote on the April 3rd Municipal Election.

  1. Must be 18 years old by election day
  2. Must be registered to vote in the state of Colorado
  3. Must have a permanent address listing in Limon on voter registration
  4. Even if you live in Limon or have a mailing address in Limon does not necessarily mean you are registered to vote in this election; make sure it is your permanent address as registered with the county clerk to ensure eligibility
  5. If you do not live in Limon currently but have a Limon permanent address listed for registration through the Lincoln County Clerk’s office you are able to vote

If you are concerned that you might not be able to vote in person at the polling place at town hall on April 3rd then you can do an absentee or emergency ballot up until that day if you are a registered voter according to the listed criteria above.  In order to receive a ballot by mail the following need to be done:

  1. Call Chris Snyder at Town Hall and request an absentee application form, which she can mail to you.
  2. Mail back or deliver the form and Chris will send you a ballot by mail.
  3. Fill out the ballot and send back to listed address for election day counting.

You or a blood relative can also come to Town Hall to request an absentee ballot.  You can then fill out the request form and will receive a ballot that you can mail back or bring in at a later date, prior to election day.  Town Hall is the designated polling location for April 3rd election.   

Additionally, there are voters who live overseas but yet are eligible to vote in our local election.  Law dictates the results of the election cannot be certified until all those ballots have been received or 10-days after election day if they have not.  That means new board members cannot be sworn in or official results of the ballot issues cannot be announced until at time.

Hub City of the Plains

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Limon -  the "Hub City" of Eastern Colorado 

From a time when Limon was recognized by Ripley’s Believe It or Not for the most gas stations per mile, to the current modern facilities serving trucks and the traveling public:  The Perfect Business Location!
      • welcome 287x480We're connected by Interstate 70 east to Goodland (109mi), Topeka (450 mi), Kansas City (500 mi),and west to Denver (eastern beltway-E-470 -75 mi; Interstate 25 - 87 mi), Silverthorne (155 mi), Winter Park (155 mi), Frisco/Breckenridge (160/170 mi), Vail (185 mi), Steamboat Springs (245 mi), Aspen (285 mi), and Grand Junction (335 mi). Interstate 70 is the major East-West Interstate between I-40 and I-80.
      • The Ports-to-Plains Corridor including US 40/287 south and Colorado Highway 71 to the north of Limon connects to Amarillo (330 mi), Lubbock (455 mi) and Dallas (700mi) to the south and Cheyenne, WY (210 mi) and Rapid City, SD and the Black Hills (390 mi) to the north without using congested highways. This corridor provides an uncongested alternative to Interstate 25 and Interstate 35 in moving freight and people north-south .
      • Colorado Highway 71 south from Limon connects to Rocky Ford (87mi), La Junta (98mi) and Pueblo (127mi).
      • US Highway 24 is the direct shot southwest from Limon to Colorado Springs (90 mi).
      • A major portion of the shipping between the Mid-West and the Western States rolls right through our community.
Limon is connected to the world by Interstate 70, U.S. Routes 24, 40, and 287, and Colorado Highways 71 and 86.

All paths cross right here!

It Makes a Community

People working together make Limon a special place to live and raise your family or business.

The community provides everything needed to have a quality life in a safe, close knit community.limon school sign 30 50


      • Educational opportunities abound from Limon Child Development Center and its preschool programs through Limon Public Schools including K-12. 93.8% of Limon third graders scoring proficient or better in reading according to a Denver Post report. Academics, music, athletics and vocational education all excel. Students in band and choir often enjoy success in one of Colorado leading high school athletic programs. Morgan Community College has a satellite program in Limon providing an affordable step into higher education.
      • Healthcare options are strong with Peak Vista, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), which provides primary medical, dental and mental health services and Lincoln Community Hospital, located just 15 miles away, is a Critical Access, Level IV Trauma Center, with AirLife Denver on site and a full staff of visiting specialty doctors. The Hospital also operates Limon Family Practice, which offers a full range of integrated care.
      • Strong cultural opportunities lead by the Limon Heritage Museum and Railroad Park, community events like Limon Heritage Celebration, 4th of July Celebration, Hub City Car Classic and a Community Christmas Celebration create a strong sense of community. Recreation opportunities abound for all ages highlighted by Doug Kissel Fishing Pond, Limon Wetlands, Limon Swimming Pool and Tamarack Golf Club.
      • With low housing costs as compared to the Front Range, the cost of living is reasonable and there is adequate access to retail markets and entertainment and hometown sensibility that make Limon an attractive location for today's businesses and families.
      • Many places of worship reflect the quality of life people enjoy in Limon.
Join our family of working folks, we're always ready to welcome newcomers!

Agriculture and Energy


We have strong legacy farming and we're also active in the energy sector.

Natural Resources provide a growing economic base. The development of renewable power through wind farms is a new industry.
      • Limon’s farming and ranching base has long provided both the economic base and the open space surrounding Limon. Farming and ranching continues to be a strong economic base but new industries are creating new opportunities and a different skyline.
      • Currently three wind farms are nearing completion. Cedar Point Wind Energy Projectwith 139 1.8mw turbines went on line in 2011 results in a capacity of 250mw. By the end of 2012 Limon Wind Energy CenterI and II with 125 1.6mw turbines each, will be producing 400 mw of renewable energy.p2
      • Limon gets 15 inches of rain per year. The US average is 37. Snowfall is 37 inches. The average US city gets 25 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 82. On average, there are 251 sunny days per year in Limon. The July high is around 86 degrees. The January low is 12. Our comfort index, which is based on humidity during the hot months, is a 68 out of 100, where higher is more comfortable. The US average on the comfort index is 44.
      • Oil and gas production, while in its early stages of development, has grown with about 50 active well permits being developed.
      • The Limon region produces the basics: food, electricity and fuel for distribution around the world.
We've got the energy and the know-how to make it happen!

A Welcome Break

Our hotels, restaurants and gift shops create an opportunity for travelers

Take a break before reaching the metro areas along Colorado's Front Range.  
      • Our amenities create an opportunity for travelers to take a break before reaching the metro areas along Colorado's Front Range. 
      • Hotels range from major national chains to charming locally owned and affordably priced lodging.
      • Restaurants include familiar fast food brands, modern truck stops and fine quality local restaurants for a relaxing sit down meal.
      • Fuel, food and gift shops throughout town provide what you need.
      • Do not miss the downtown area! It is just a few minutes from the highway exits and you will find our special local shopping, dining, and adventures!- LINK to downtown map & directions
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Stop and stretch and take a break, you'll be glad you did!
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